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v. good birthday (Maybe this time ... I'll get lucky ...)

I had a "perfectly marvelous night, in this perfectly marvelous town" (more Cabaret lyrics there - I'm full of them tonight!). I had two completely different birthday parties, one at the mini-golf place in Renton, and one at Julia's, a very pretty Olde Fashioned restaurant on Broadway where Howard Bulson tickles the ivories S-W nights.

Golfing had about fourteen people there ... ookla and Pam, Mr. and Mrs. irrationalrobot, Shannon (work pal 1) and Mr. Shannon, Chris (work pal 2) and The World's Best Boss (work pal 3), my friend Stef from Phoenix (I've known her since 1985 and she knows all the good dirt on me), Cathy and Aaron, and Rebecca (Beqbeq) and her boyfriend's two kids (good choice to bring them). Stef gifted me with a great book about roadside attractions in Washington State, and Beqbeq gave me a scale as she is moving to Minneapolis and I won't be able to use her equipment to make soap with her anymore. My biggest regret was that I couldn't hang out with everyone at the same time ... once we got going through the course I was kind of stuck with my fivesome, and I missed getting to visit with Mr. and Mrs. irrationalrobot and Mr. and Mrs. Shannon altogether as they did the second course (I had to do the one with the western town ... it was TOO funny!).

By the time we left, I was running half an hour late for Julia's (I said I'd be there at nine), but it worked out pretty well altogether, as only three or so of my guests had made it ... later joined by the cast of the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan society's "HMS Pinafore," there celebrating a wedding, who announced themselves by singing along quite nicely to "Mein Herr" while they waited for a big table. We were met crossing the street by Ms. and soon to be Mr. Nina and greeted inside by Cathy (the only holdover from the other party) velo_ale and his roommate Ellen as well as the delightful scarlettina. Just as I finally headed up for my first set, djcynic and Chels showed up, followed shortly by vulture23 and ??? (help me out here, I know we have an LJ moniker to add!).

Everyone loaded up on cocktails, especially me as the waitress gave me a free drink to go with my mojito. I stuck to my A-list songs for my first set, since people actually acted like they were going to listen, and got in "When You're Good to Mama," "Goody Goody," and "Mein Herr." The Gilbertians started singing along to this one, which was pretty unnerving since I'm used to people not knowing these songs! I spent some time visiting with folks, but then was quite thrilled to have the Gilbert and Sullivan society start singing, and boy, did they have the voices! I can't remember all the songs they did, although someone sang "L'amour est un oiseau" and the other girls sang the chorus with her. It was so great to hear them singing! Our table was pretty shy by comparison. shadowdaddy did "Pencil Thin Mustache" and scarlettina bravely went up to Howard with a song from "City of Angels" that she's promised to sing to me off-site (maybe if there's a DVD we can watch it, too). Of course I had to get in a second set, but it was very competetive with the Gilbertians jockeying for a place at the piano, so I did a short participatory song ("Longest Time") and followed it with "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret. That was quite enough, I thought, especially given that it was already closing time. I decided to pick up the tab ... thought it would be fun to thank my friends for such a good night!

Hmm ... it's getting pretty late. I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I wake up YAAAAWN. If you weren't there, I missed you ...

Oh, and I came home and got to listen to my sister and her two year old son sing me happy birthday on the answering machine, which was a complete riot. shadowdaddy reminded me that I have said that what I like to do on my birthday is laugh and have a good time, and I got lots of that in tonight so I must have had fun. YAAAAWN See you tomorrow!
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