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Keep your expectations low and hope for the best

I'm still feeling pretty buzzed from having such a good day yesterday. Here's a picture of me and my favorite piece of birthday swag: a Hello Kitty beach bag from my friend Cathy!
All sorts of people surprised me by giving me presents ... I was really expecting nothing, so it was a shock every time I was handed an envelope (or a jar of guava jelly, or a hysterically pink beach bag, as the case may be). My favorite non-gift was the "bug free copy of Outlook" I misunderstood to be my present from Shannon - in fact she said my present was "in the email," not "email," which would truly have been astounding if it had been what I thought she meant.

Now I'm working on my mid-year review and trying to get organized for our trip to Vancouver Island this weekend. I've got the dog's accomodations taken care of, our accomodations taken care of, activities afoot (very excited to see Botanical Beach) and afloat arranged ... all that remains is packing and figuring out what we're going to do for dinner Th/Fri/Sat PM given the paucity of options in Bamfield. I'm hoping to show shadowdaddy the wonders of Tendy's in Port Angeles Wednesday night ... Hmm, I wonder if I need to make ferry reservations to get to Victoria ...
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