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Oh baby, let me be your QA mama

I DO have the interview tomorrow AM. Not only do I get the short term pleasure of not having to drive back and forth to Bothell to my temp job tomorrow (it was going to be a short day anyway because of my trip to Albuquerque and Phoenix, flight at 2 PM), but I have the much more pleasant long term pleasure (well, at least until I get back, so a five day pleasure) of imagining that I might once again be working in a place that is not only a twenty minute walk from my house, but also near a plethora of cheap dining options (drool - and all the content on that link is mine, FYI).

Other than bouncing around like an idiot hoping I get the job (and trying to remember how to get my hopes DOWN so I can deal with the inevitable crushing disappointment), I have nothing to do at work again today, so I'm planning on spending my time doing stuff like writing my next story for Tablet (due before I leave, so I've got to hop on it) and calling in a prescription renewal to Safeway. Oh yeah, and fantasize about all of the good food we're going to eat in New Mexico. Green chile chicken enchiladas at Ron's Camino Real ... that red chile and pork thing at El Patio ... and Western Style Hashbrowns at the Frontier. Gads, I'm salivating on my keyboard. Worthy Opponent was taling about getting to go boxes of Frontier Rolls and Western Style Hashbrowns for the long months ahead.

Last night our housesitter candidate came over and revealed that she did not actually intend on spending the night at our house. Great! What are our dogs supposed to do, cross their legs? So they're going to spend the weekend at the kennel. After she left we went to Hosteria La Spiga for an indulgent evening of Italian food (for some reason it seemed more fun than getting my prescription from Safeway). I was sad because they didn't have any cream sauces available; the tagliatelli "with boar" -cingiale or something like that (looked like ground sausage to me) wasn't to my taste, alas, I should have had the lamb special that seemed to heavy when we were placing our order but would have doubtlessly put my actual choice to shame.
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