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Summer is in full swing

The weather is looking sunny for the rest of the week, and I'm going to celebrate with a gaming party in my backyard tonight, a trip to First Thursday on ... well, Thursday, with ampliatum (and of course shadowdaddy) and a very exciting walk over lunchtime today. I think shadowdaddy and I will also make it to see Travels with Charley at Book It Rep (URL currently not working) on Friday. Most of the week is themed "Get Ready for My Sister," though, and will include such activities as Clean House, repeated tonight, Wednesday, and Saturday until her arrival, and Buy Groceries.

Last night was My Ass is Dragging night, starring the Couch and the Pizza (and the new kitty and the Shadow poodle, who were both happy to be back home). Kitty spend a lot of the night chasing Boo around the house, running up to her and not quite giving her a swat on the butt, then running away. I'm guessing I was pretty wiped out from the lack of sleep the night before, based on my satisfaction at just watching the kitten romp around. Hopefully today I'm awake enough that my work day will go smoothly and I'll get lots done - I was feeling kind of confused yesterday and I'd prefer to not be trying to get things done in that state.

I also got my Amazon shipment that Shannon provided as my birthday present, and I'm really enjoying listening to Estrella Morente's flamenco music. Whew! The text inside is in English, so now I can get a little further than just going "shirt ... she said something about making him a shirt."
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