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I love Karaoke and my sister rocks out

Today we passed on the Pacific Science Center, Shrek II, and Harry Potter 3 at the IMAX in favor of going to karaoke at Mandarin Gate. This was because 1) my nephew had become insufferable due to the hypnotic effect of the Gameboy - surly without it, withdrawn with - and 2) we wanted to do something that was fun for US. So we headed half an hour north to the hallowed environs of my favorite Karaoke bar, where the drinks are still stiffer than a sailor on shore leave and the songs are hopelessly top 40, 80's hits ("You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind ..."), and 70's rawk ("After nine days, I let the horse run free ..."). Fortunately this is all leavened by a very nice crowd which inevitably gets nicer as the night rolls on.

Amber warmed up with a little Whitney Houston (I can't stand those songs but listening to my little sister rock out like she was Janis Joplin gets me all teary eyed), then did some freaky late-90s "I ain't to young to be your lover" song that was full of ghetto references, performing well enough to leave the KJ and bartender slack-jawed. shadowdaddy hopped on stage for his trademark "Pencil Thin Mustache" (pictures to follow), and I added in my favorite mid-eighties hits (fine, I'm a demographic, but I own "Only the Lonely") and "When You're Good to Mama" to get a blowsy mood going. Meanwhile, my nephew happily entertained himself for two hours with GameCrack, to which all I could say was go electronic pacifier. We wrapped up around midnight, both of us having received plenty of compliments (good thing I skipped the Pat Benatar), both of us probably pretty buzzed. I wish we could have done more than just one duet - it was really cool to sing the "bass" female line while Amber filled in the trilly soprano stuff on "Love Shack." Ooh baby, sister act ahoy!

Er, otherwise we spent too much of the day getting school clothes for my nephew at the Redmond Fred Meyer's, which we followed with a late afternoon pig-out at Mayuri. After we rescued bicycle riding shadowdaddy from his office and went home (for my nap and Shadow walking), we went to the Bon Marche (to buy a special chocolate candy for Amber's husband) and the Space Needle (my nephew was obsessed with its ascent; we stayed below and play cards while he and his mother checked it out).

Now my nephew is playing with Pippin by casting his noisy/flashing souvenir Space Needle yoyo in front of him and watching Pip backflip to get at it. Cool. It wound up being a pretty good day.
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