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Foreign film club AGAIN!

I'm going to try again with this film club thing. Not that I don't expect that I'll still be inviting people at the last minute to go see things with me, but since the latest Grand Illusion calendar just came out, I already know some of the movies I am planning on seeing over the next three months.

First, on Thursday the 6th of March, we'll be catching the 7:30 How the West Was Won at the Cinerama. (This is part of their Cinerama Film Festival, but since we're going out of town we'll be missing most of the shows.) We've already bought tickets, so just rest assured that if you do, too, you'll see us there. We might go see This Is Cinerama too, but I don't know when yet: it would be Tuesday or Wednesday night if it happens.

There are also a bunch of good shows coming up at the Grand Illusion that we'd like to go see with friends. First in line is Ikiru, a Kurosawa movie that I have yet to see but wouldn't dare miss (the Seven Samurai plays in Seattle almost annually, but I can't remember when Ikirumade it into a theater).

Then in April and May there are two director's series I want to see. (I can't link to these movies yet because they haven't been added to the Grand Illusion calendar, but when they do I think they'll be here.) The first is a Douglas Sirk series, April 4-17. The current movie Far From Heaven is supposed to be a tribute to his style (I haven't seen it yet but it's on my list), specifically to the film All That Heaven Allows. If the undercurrents of repression and suppressed sexuality that Imitation of Life has (a film they'll be showing, and the only one I've seen) represent his general style, I think it will be a very good series. I believe Written on the Wind and Tarnished Angels are the other two, and while I don't know much about them, Pedro Almodovar says he watches WotW over and over again. High praise, I believe.

The second series is Claire Denis, a French director whose films I'm ashamed to say I've never seen (but that just means that all four of the films in the series will be new to me). Nenette Y Boni , Beau Travail, and Vendredi Soir (2002, her newest, director possibly to appear opening night) are the three films I'm sure they are showing, and I think there is a fourth but I'm not sure what it is. Blame the Grand Illusion and their slow updates.

At any rate, you are forewarned. The week before these movies (or maybe on Thursday if they open Friday), I will try to send out an email reminding you to come and letting you know when I am free to go (and don't forget, G.I. is closed on Mondays, and membership saves you about $3 per ticket). Hopefully we can actually see some of these together and develop a vocabulary for talking about film that we all share.
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