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Presenting Cerberus, the Three-Headed Test Plan wore me out and I felt most justified cutting outof work at 4 PM today, approximately half an hour after it was all over. I hoped happy hour was in my future, but (alas!) the two cans of diet Mountain Dew I had consumed prior to my meeting made me start to feel pukey on the bus ride back, and I decided that a stomach-settling nap was in order. One hour later ... alcohol still seemed like a bad idea, and blandish Japanese food was sounding appealing to my very empty stomach.

So we went to Maneki, then headed over to Belltown to see the "Painters of Blight" show at Roq la Rue. I loved the demented deconstructions of Thomas Kincaide's work, which I frequently mock when I see it advertised in the Sunday paper ("Look, honey ... it's a Thomas Kincaide lighthouse plate ... with real lights!"), and the two fabulous full-length mock Jack Chick tracts were a hoot (neither were quite as great as E-sheep's "Saturnalia," but any reference to recruiting for Cthulu has my seal of approval). I even bought a copy of "Jesus Delivers," which has the great message: guilt, fear, and greed are "among the most powerful tools there are for controlling people," and Christian recruiters know quite well how to use them to manipulate people.

Hmm, I'm going on about the show at length ... I'll stop here, since I'm not writing it up for Tablet. The show is on tomorrow for one last day, drop in if you've got the time.

At any rate, we wrapped up the evening with Mean Girls at the Crest, which was funny and not particularly deep (and only $3, can't beat that). I'd call it a good Friday overall, and I look forward to getting a decent night's sleep at last.
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