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Keyboard trained kitten and work hiccups

Work was mostly a loss today due to long meetings and heavy gossiping about "the changes." For me, it was a pretty good day, as I greatly enjoyed listening to people finally say how they really feel about each other ("I'm on a team with WHO?"). I'm also working on organizing a trip to London. Hopefully I can get these discount British Air tickets that they're selling to "travel agents," but the availability is very limited. However, London is definitely the winner of the travel poll, as the jet lag was completely outweighed by the lack of driving and the fact that it was the only one of the options where I didn't think I'd get bored after the fourth day.

On a lighter note: it appears that my kitten is not only trained on the keyboard and the remote control, but also the record player ("How about 45 RPM?") AND the answering machine ("If you're calling from work, I am here and I do miss you!"="Meow?"). I found out when he stepped on the "play announcement" button and I got to hear what's recorded on it right now ...
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