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Long time no Merc

At around nine PM last night, the family reunion barbeque was breaking up, which I blame on the fact that 80% of the people there were over 55 and the ones who weren't (and some of the ones who were) had been drinking since five. We decided to head back to our house, where the newly arrived brother in law was waiting for us and reading for whatever we had to offer. I decided a trip to the Mercury was in order. We all gussied up (boys->black jeans, girl->corset and black/red flamenco skirt) and headed out around 10. Alas, there was no m_cobweb to visit with, but the ever adorable djcynic came with a rather large cluster of people I knew. We stayed for about two hours and got some good dancing in (well, I did), and when the BIL (who'd started drinking even earlier than the people at the barbeque) started making faces at the girl who kept coming over and staring at us as if she must, simply must know one of us, I thought it was time to leave. (A photo has been taken of me in the good outfit and will hopefully be joining my user icons soon.)

The barbeque: we were an hour late for the food part, thanks to the horrors of Mariner's traffic. I didn't have a bad time (and I got a tiny bit of singing in while Bill and Bob, the musically inclined BILs of my MIL, played piano), but I was mostly not very engaged. The only particularly bad part was the apparent battle of wills taking place behind the scenes between my MIL and her FIL - over a family photo which she wanted taken while he wanted to go play golf during that time period. This was enough to give me a throbbing tension backache focused on my right scapula, which woke me up as surely as the beating of jungle drums this AM. Inquiring minds will note that it is now 10:20 and I am not at the photo (which is not happening at all), and apparently the Group Trip to Bainbridge has turned into the MIL hangs out with the people who are On Her Side. Maybe some Advil is in order.
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