Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Happy hanbau, and hope for a better Wednesday

Trip planning is still taking up most of the extra space on my (mental) hard drive ... and I need feedback for stuff to do from my London-area (or -familiar) readers. C'mon, folks! Take my poll today!

My hotel reservations are made, though, so now I get to work on more specific details, like what shows to see and what good exhibits are up. I'm also looking at a few day trips. I got a newspaper clipping from my uncle advising me to "Ride the Duck!" in London, but given that I won't spend $22 to see it here I'm not actually inclined to spend $30 there to do the same thing.

Yesterday afternoon my lunch shortage was cured by the near-miraculous arrival of a coworker who was freshly returned from San Francisco with a box of the best barbeque pork hanbau he had ever eaten. Mmm. Add some fresh peaches to that and I was in business! Of course, after staying until 7:30 at work there wasn't much time left for anything else once I got home, although I did finish Phillip Pullman's Lyra's Oxford (not much of an accomlishment if you know how short it is). Tonight we're looking at the ReBar for "Hold My Hair Back," an evening of "shtick, song, and interactive hedonism." It's a benefit for Theater Schmeater, which alone would be reason to go, but it's also starring one of my favorite actors, Brandon Whitehead. I figure I'll probably have to catch pizza for dinner on the way to the show, but hey, such is the life of the glittering literati.
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