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I am the very model of a modern major general

The HMS Pinafore was a complete blast. I mostly went because I wanted to see Donald Byrd's ballet beforehand, and that was great - very effective at actually telling a story, with great characterization (who thought a dancer could say so much about their character with their feet?). And the G&S songs were so funny. I gotta say, Billy Budd would have been seriously different if some stuck up admiral had appeared with a boatful of his "his sisters and his cousins and his aunts."

Of course a big draw for me was seeing all the women who showed up at Julia's during my birthday celebrations ... and guess what? One of the people that was there recognized me and asked me if I was going to try out next season! So I'm thinking I am. They are such a nice group of people, and I think it would be a lot of fun. When I asked if they needed any altos, one of the sailors gave me a hug. So I'll have to find two songs or so and work on them so that I can be ready for auditions in February ...

Afterwards we went to the annual Theater Simple oyster barbeque, which I had previously avoided because I don't eat oysters. I still don't, but I had plenty of sangria and my typing is suffering for it now.

Tomorrow: Capitol Hill block party, with trip to pick up special present for one of my British LJ pals, then work party at Marymoor park (in the incredible heat that will be tomorrow ... actually it won't be that bad but people here like to whine about it a lot, they get nigh intolerable if it gets over 85) ... then maybe the International District parade, and for a certainty dinner with shadowdaddy's daddy somewhere fancy. Sunday is kayaking at Boston Harbor with the in-laws, then a trip to Seattle Center to see Julius Caesar (for free, outdoors). Man, I hope I get some good sleep tonight because I am going to be needing it.
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