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Saturday with the father in law

Yesterday was already a blur. We started off by going to the Capitol Hill Block Party, which was, as I anticipated (in fact in was my reason for going), full of artists' booths. I picked up a belated birthday present for spikeylady and something neat for trishpiglet while I was there ... as well as the inevitable Stuff for Me (strings of Christmas lights with fabric flowers over the lights ... will look beautiful hung up in my bedroom, I'm sure!).

Well shopped, we jumped in the car and headed to Marymoor Park for the Tripadelic summer picnic. I saw several people I knew, but none of the group I'm close to, alas. We downed the offered goods and headed back across the lake to ...

The shores of Lake Washington, because it was quite warm outside (for Seattle) and a dip in the lake looked like just the thing to cool us down. Then we went home for the typical late afternoon napping and dog walking. We caught up with shadowdaddy's daddy at 8 at a restaurant called Marjorie's. It has one of those incredible, tucked-between-two-buildings locations you never expect to see in America ... but of course the high prices and tiny portions were 100% Seattle. However, the food was tasty and we all had a good time (I had a mojito and a glass of sangria, so I was in quite the good mood by the time we left), enough to inspire us to walk around Belltown for a while afterwards.

This morning we're frantically cleaning (if you can call one person washing dishes while another drinks tea and types "frantic") in anticipation of the official state visit of the father in law. Kayaking was cancelled, and we'll be spending the afternoon looking at photos at the Frye, then watching Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) in the park (Seattle Center, free!) this evening (6 PM). I think it should be a good day ...
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