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I would be leaving work now ... if I'd gone in today

Yeah, I'm a fat assed slacker, but I just couldn't handle going in today to work for four hours - that is, to warm my chair for four hours, because God only knows I wasn't going to be getting any work done with as little sleep as I had and since all my bugs were closed and I was through testing the project I was working on, what was left for me to do besides spend ten minutes on build testing? So (after waking up at 11) I'm doing some final organizational things with the house and the luggage, writing up the note for the house sitter and watering my plants. I really hope I packed everything right this time and don't show up only to discover I've forgotten 1) my glasses 2) my contact solution 3) clean socks. We'll see how it goes ...

Expect updates from the road, and with luck there will be pictures (behind cuts). See you in LJ land ...
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