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First post from London

It's actually day 2 of my time here - I wasn't able to get to an internet cafe before everything closed (what the hell was I thinking, right?). Yesterday was grand, but today has been kind of lame. All details available below, with cut tags. Be advised I'm being brief as I have a show to make it to in just a few minutes (around the corner at the Royal Opera house.

Although it was sad that the Air Canada planes are not configured for much sleep, we arrived mostly ready for action Friday afternoon, give or take a nap to help reduce the hallucinating caused by lack of sleep. At 6 we were on the road, striding across James Park in front of the palace, on our way to Covent Garden. We were too late to hit the TKTS office (or so we thought), but we got great £8 seats for "Anything Goes." Normally I'd whine about seeing a cheesy musical, but this one made pretty much everthing I've seen the whole time I've been in Seattle look like a high-school production. The theater was cool, too -- the Drury Lane Theater Royal. Afterwards we stopped in a Frommer's recommended pub to try out the local ales. It's amazing - I've had Strongbow before and it seriously tastes different here. Different in this case means great. The bar closed at 11 and we discovered (this is truly great) a direct bus to take us back to our hotel.

Yeah, I gotta get out of here now so just quickly: we waited an hour for a river tour that was 40 minutes late and they wouldn't let us on! Totally sucked, killed a lot of the afternoon and left me pretty grumpy. I'm getting on the Rick Steves board when I've got time and telling people what schmucks these folks are.

The Caswell is cute small and quiet, though we're up 4 stories and it's a walk. But we'll be okay ... if we make this show!

Pictures to follow ...
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