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"I like the theater, but never come late" - London, somewhere past the middle

Okay, where are we, it's Thursday AM now? We're trying to make it to the British Museum today and go see Iphigenia at Aulis (I'll let you look up the review on the New York Times website) tonight, but the TKTS office doesn't have any TicKeTS so I'm not sure what we'll do ...

It's midnight on a Wednesday in London, and shadowdaddy and I have just polished off a yummy carb loaded meal at Quod (an italian restaurant) after going to see "Democracy" at Wyndham's Theater (right up the street from where I sit typing now). We had thrust our way through the milling hordes watching various pimply celebrities coming out of the London premiere of "I, Robot" (I had so wanted to scream,"But it sucks!") on our way out of the theater, and we decide to head for more crowds at Picadilly Circus. The streets are indeed packed, and the fabulous electric signboard is doing all sorts of amazing things to the play of color on the windows of the other buildings surrounding the intersection. Folks are playing drums, a circle has gathered around a magician ... it's amazing, so very alive, so busy! We are amazed ... and it's only a Wednesday night!

It's been a real surprise to me that it took a trip to London for me to get consistently bad tea. Our hotel serves up this sludgy brew that I think has value only because of it's ability to hold up a spoon even when diluted with milk. Elsewhere, almost everything I get is so malty that I wind up cutting it with water. Yes, Mr. Brahmah is right: the rise of the teabag was the death of English tea. Thank goodness I got a good one at the Tate Britain yesterday, although I never expected that I'd be saying that about a pot of Earl Grey!

Our evening in Streatham Tuesday was most lovely, with fabulous company and very good food. We stayed quite late, necessitating a cab ride home (the trains stop running very early but the £15 seemed cheap for the convenience) and a late start to Wednesday. Our daytime was mostly spent at the Tate Britain, where I was very disappointed to discover that Millais' "Ophelia" apparently crossed the Atlantic without informing me (damn those water-loving women). We were finally kicked out at 5:50, without having once cracked our sketchbooks. Damn this city! It seems I will not be able to get the best of it before I leave, and will have sights left unseen even with three more days to go. But I was right when I thought before we left that I would be able to stay here for nine days and never get bored.

A final note: I need to remember in the future to keep an eye on my food consumption. I have been so busy I have NOT been eating properly, and it's been making me run out of energy (and enthusiasm) far too early in the day. I'll write something up about all of the things I've learned about travelling better once I get back, as well as a thorough review of The Caswell.
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