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Coma Toes

Why did I stay here surfing until a quarter 'til eight? What, oh what, was I thinking as I cruised site after site, looking for a reference to my high school french teacher (Marilyn Lenz, where are you, and how can I thank you for taking care of me when my mom couldn't be bothered to do it)?

I went to mahjong last night anyway, mostly, I think, because it was at Mesob, and I was having fantasies about their buttery Gored Gored (but we got some kind of tibes made with bottom round, a little too tough for me) earlier in the day. Once more I got to bed after 11:30, when I was tired all night long beforehand. I didn't even wake up once all night long, well, except when the cat sneezed in my face and I batted her off the bed.
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