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The voice says, "I know you'll miss me, I know you'll miss me, I know you'll miss me blind.."

Yesterday turned out quite well, all things considered. Almost directly upon closing the browser, shadowdaddy appeared with tickets for the 7:30 "Old Times," and ciphergoth confirmed that the best plan for the afternoon was meeting for coffee at Coffee, Cake, and Kink just near Covent Garden. We then spent another hour in the National, taking our time with the Impressionist Galleries (that place is a fucking warren, I don't think five years would be enough time to see it all), getting in some sketching and a lecture that taught me more about painting than I learned in almost all of college. Afterwards we stopped in yet another tea shop and then the Theater Museum, which made me think how difficult it is to create a meaningful exhibit about a performed art (like the Experience Music project, where the only interesting thing is the room where you learn to create music).

Afterwards, off we trotted to the coffee shop, and in short while we were joined by the flock of dark lovelies from down south (short ergotia, to my disappointment, but I could see how the muggy weather and packs of people could have turned anyone back from central London). We spent perhaps two hours there, chatting, receiving visitors (meico, meeting spikeylady and kitty_goth, a surprise on-street encounter), drinking tea (well, me, anyway), and looking at the art and such on display inside.

We finally headed off to the Brahmah Tea and Coffee Museum, where we actually had the pleasure of a personal visit with Mr. Brahmah afterwards as we were eating sandwiches and drinking (more) tea. Alas, our return was a struggle, due to bad bus connections, and we actually gave up midway and returned to Covent Garden for our play.

"Old Times" was pretty freaky. I'm not sure what the play was supposed to mean, but it didn't seem to be following a linear plot. At one moment a woman and her friend talked as if it were 20 years ago; next, her husband talked with her friend about events that later discussions seemed to prove imaginary. What was true? What was the real story? It was exciting to be in the hands of a playwright who made no excuses to any limitations of the audience's imagination, and shadowdaddy and I had a good time debating the show on the way back to Victoria.

A shower and a change of clothes later, and we were off to the Slimelight, where we had the pleasure of the company of kitty_goth and (for a bit) bootpunk but were denied the opportunity to say our goodbyes to ciphergoth (the only Streathamite who might possibly have made it out). Slimelight was definitely about 6 times better than our little Mercury back home, and filled with a never-ending parade of people who were fortunate enough to have more options (and imagination) than LipService clothing. We did actually hear both Bauhaus and Joy Division while we were there, though, so some things do never seem to change.

The cabbie who drove us home asked me what I'd bring to London if I could, and I immediately answered, "My dog" (although later I wondered if £3 meals and air conditioning might both have been better answers - or "my job" HAH!). When he asked me what I'd like to take back, my answer was, "My friends," because it now seems I have them here. It's going to be hard to readjust to being home. I will miss you all.

We're off to the airport in about an hour - there's nothing much to say about today other than all presents have been bought and the Cafe Mignon has a damn lovely patio for a breakfast. See you all at home soon ...
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