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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Cider and pilates and returned luggage, oh my!

The important part: we're having an open house/barbeque/potluck/games party Sunday afternoon at our place. I made the invitation the last five minutes before I went on vacation, so I have very likely forgotten to include people who I hadn't stuck on an Evite before. (This is a high possibility for folks I only communicate with on the phone or in person, but since I don't think I'm still friends with any such people I may in fact not have missed them.) If you did not get an invite, it's not because you're being excluded, it's because I'm a dork. Please save me from being a dork and tell me you want to come so I can enjoy the pleasure of your company, or whup your ass at Puerto Rico, or both (they may in fact be one and the same). Speaking of Puerto Rico, I've been invited to kick some newbie butt teach two new folks how to play over lunch on Friday. This should be even more fun that the baseball game we're all being treated to on Thursday afternoon, even though it won't get us out of work early.

We're also going to the Grand Illusion to see Battlefield Baseball (the Japanese Zombie Baseball movie) tomorrow at 7 with irrationalrobot, ookla and Pam. Anyone else wanna come?

Pilates was fun tonight. It's cool to really get into feeling how the different parts of your body work together (or work against each other as the case may be). I must, must, must go more often. Afterwards we hung at the Comet for almost two hours with Shadow hiding out under the table (keeping me from feeling guilty about leaving him at home). We broke in the copy of Chez Goth we picked up in London (freshly retrieved from my luggage, which arrived at midnight yesterday) and it was suitably amusing. I felt proud not to own any ankhs (Shiny, $2, +2 goth points) or decorative coffin shaped objects ($1, +1 goth points) because I Am Not A Goth. I just wear a lot of black and want to go see the Creatures next month because it's What Makes Me Happy, and being happy is not what Goth is all about, especially if you're In Denial. We also had rwx visit and chat with us for a while, which was nice, but one guest over two hours didn't hold a candle to Shillebeers, though it's hard to complain about $2.25 pints of cider (that's about £1.15, a real deal). But soon enough I'll get over the excitement and lower my expectations of what constitutes a Good Night Out enough that I don't feel constantly deprived, and life will become better, or at least less noticably deficient.
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