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Dratted moodiness

I'm still fighting off the blues from last night, but for some reason the cloudy day has proven reassuring, freeing me psychologically to spend most of the early afternoon on the couch finishing off "Deerskin," an indulgence which shadowdaddy kindly granted me when we both knew I should be cleaning up for our guests tomorrow. "Deerskin" was a harsh read - I've never read a book that had a father raping his daughter as a central event, and it was difficult for me to cozy up to the book knowing what was going to happen. But of course, I could not put it down, as McKinley is such a very good writer, and it was a very good book, and now that I'm done I can focus on house and yard work, and perhaps napping.

scarlettina is probably right that having people over tomorrow will cheer me up. I look forward to having her proven right, and giving her the squished pences I aquired on my trip.

I'm also thinking about seeing "The Blind Swordsman" tonight at 9 at the Crest (after meeting my old friend Jared for dinner at Agua Verde at 6:30. And I've read of an Italian short that's playing at the Metro at 12:35 tomorrow so it can qualify for the Oscars. It's only 17 minutes long: who wants to go with me?
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