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That weren't no blind swordsman

We inadvertently went to the wrong movie last night. Well, we went to the right place at the right time, but even after the movie had started I was still saying, "Is this where he goes blind?" Then when his two daughters made their appearance, I suddenly realized, "This is no blind swordsman! This is the The Twilight Samurai!" It was a really outstanding movie - excellent (juicy sweet!) cinematography, an entrancing, completely unfamiliar story, damn good acting from everyone, and an interesting depiction of a very active time in Japan's history. I recommend it.

Dinner last night with Jared at Agua Verde was good, but the hour long wait for a table was on the verge of making me go ballistic (they said 25 minutes), and I am strongly reminded of why I just don't go there any more (I'd say "why I haven't been there in a long time," but after last night I'm thinking I won't go back). Shortly before we left, I got a call from Phil, a friend of mine from college ("Phil from South Africa" is what we usually call him, or "Phil from LA" these days). He was one of my best friends, and we shared many exciting unnamed adventures together (he's one of the ones that people could get "the real dirt on me" from if they were too cheap to buy me tequila - but with Phil, you could probably get stories that I don't even remember anymore). Phil's in town for a wedding this weekend, and he'll be coming over today for the barbeque after the wedding. Hurray! Now all I have to do is rake the backyard, finish the pasta salad, and make that blackberry cobbler recipe I got off NPR oh-so-long-ago. (Note: the "real" recipe has you making your own crust, which is what I'll be doing today, not to mention picking fresh blackberries to make it with. Ooh - here it is!.)
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