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Barbeque revue: I don't feel loved more but I do feel like I exist as more than a shadow

It must be said that the barbeque was a big success. I think almost 30 people showed up, which of course meant that as I was running around, finishing the pasta salad, getting the sangria ready, and comforting a friend who showed up in tears, I barely had time to visit with anyone. And people were here that I hadn't seen in years ... Dirk Deppey ("of Fantagraphics") from back in fifth grade, and miracle of miracle, Phil from LA. Other guests were: scarlettina; Mr. and Mrs. irrationalrobot; ookla, Pam and Pam's dad; Trippers John, Shannon and Zeno, Ken, djcynic and mysticwrench, and Elliot; neighbor Chris, gamer Cathy, Phoenix scooter grrl Stef; Cosmickers gamegrrl, Dave, Eric, Jay and Michelle; MikeandNina, velo_ale, ElysianGoa Kurt, and the ever beautiful Eileen of Little Red Studio, whose promised me some private time this week to chat about aspects of my recent trip I think she will find interesting.

We got in two different tables of Puerto Rico, and broke in three newbies, I think, although I very sadly didn't get to play at all due to the overwhelming need to visit with Phil once he showed up. And now it's late, and it's work tomorrow, and a long day ahead, I fear, due to the arrival of the long awaited New Build with New Feature Set, so we'll see if I make it to my silent movie tomorrow or get stuck doing build acceptance until after 7 PM. Over and out for tonight ...
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