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Oh my droogs: need cell phone advice

As you all know, I do not have a cell phone. I also wash my laundry by taking it to the creek and beating it on rocks, and cook over a wood-fired stove.

At any rate, ergotia has pushed me over the edge and I'm now very interested in getting a cell phone (especially one that 1) can get nice text messages from people overseas and 2) will work when I'm travelling). But I'm not cell phone savvy - something which is true for pretty much all electronic equipment. What can I say, all the time I've spent taking care of the horses that pull my buggy to work has kept me out of the loop. Cleaning leather and mucking out stalls is very time consuming, you know.

I'm looking at two phones, currently available at a stunning discount on Amazon.com: the Motorola V300 phone or the RIM BlackBerry 7230 phone-thing.

Both look like they're internationally compatible for calls (at least that's how I'm translating "Tri-band GSM"). The Blackberry is kind of strange, though - I'm imagining myself holding up a pocket calculator to my ear and going, "Hello? Anyone there?" But I'd love to be able to Google up information anywhere, and the Blackberry looks like it could handle it. On the other hand, I think the V300 might be able to do it as well. I'm generally overwhelmed by the technical information available, though ... to me it reads as a bunch of gobbledygook. On the other hand, I make a delightful Blackberry Cobbler, which requires neither "MMS text messaging" (???) or access to "900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS wireless networks."

The price difference is about $200, but that's only because Amazon will GIVE me money for buying the V300 (and a plan), whereas they're still going to ask for some cash (but only about $75 -> 40 pounds) for the Blackberry.

Feedback, please?
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