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"I fucking hate George Bush!"

Someone posted a pissy comment in a friend's blog saying she was sick of his political rants, and why didn't he just post "I fucking hate George Bush!" every day instead of wasting her friends' list space (and somehow insulting her mother by pointing out that the President is dumb) by going off on how the president of the United States is an assmunch. So, in her honor, here's my somewhat more subtle "I fucking hate George Bush!" post - the same message, but with less volume.

I donated money to the Kerry campaign today. Yay me! I figure, if you want to say something, say it with money. I know my paltry contribution is mere pennies compared to what the fat cats were ponying up in Medina last week. However, this is absolutely the wrong election to think that doing nothing is the best course of action just because you don't have a few thou to throw around. Why don't you donate too? (Sorry, Brits, apparently they don't like money from outside of the US ... but surely there's someplace you can send money to, like maybe Moveon.org, if you feel very passionate about this issue.)

I'll now step off of my soapbox.

As a humorous aside: I came to the conclusion today that a purchase of a Hitachi Magic Wand is a must ... because the knots in my back are now so intense that shadowdaddy is getting hand cramps trying to work them out. So pathetic, I know, that this would be the thing that would make me really lust after having one ... a tensed-up back!
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