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Getting a massage while writing in the LJ. This is good.

We saw a play again tonight, "The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui." It was great, and it's actually kind of sad that it was closing night as I won't be able to recommend it to anyone. However, given that it was sold out the last four nights, it seems that word had decidedly gotten out. And, I'm pleased to say, it washed the dirty flavor of "The Singing Forest" out of my mouth, which had little to recommend it other than full frontal (and back-tal) male nudity (and from the hottest actor in the cast, mmmrowr!). Well, actually, there were other things that were good about it, but since one of those things was not the plot, I can't really be positive about the production. Bertolt Brecht vs Craig Lucas: the dead guy leaves the living bruised and bleeding on the floor, and I was glad to have seen the battle.

Oddly enough, I started having some kind of weird anxiety issues before I went to the show, the same as I experienced Friday night at the party. What is going on with me? I hope this goes away.

This week will be busy. Lemme know if you want to come to any of these things:
Monday: Silent Movie Monday at the Paramount, this time Valentino in "The Sheik" and "Son of the Sheik."
Tuesday: Pilates at 6:15, Ethiopian food at Mesob at 7:30.
Wednesday: Burlesque Troop The Atomic Bombshells at the Mirabeau room
Thursday: some kind of work event, hopefully I'll be able to do some Puerto Rico in the evening. UPDATE: never mind, there's a neighborhood meeting that night I'll be doing instead.
Friday: leave work early and go to Long Beach. The Old Sou'wester and The Theater of Magic ("You've got the power!") are waiting for me!
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