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Nihongo wakarimasu!

I am OFFICIALLY, for REAL, registered for Japanese! Yippee! I had to APPLY to the damn college ($25!) and have been waiting for them to process my paperwork since Thursday, a problem delayed by the admission office getting flooded on Sunday, leaving me to look, look, look at the class online and hope the last two seats didn't get filled. But now I've made it in, and look! The class is now full! And for the months of October and November I will no longer have any kind of social life as I will have class two nights a week. Now if only work can get it together and figure out when they're going to have the damn C# class so I can plan my friggin' return trip to London!

Also, got my copy of "Clade" for Science Fiction Bookclub from Nick last night after he and I and shadowdaddy and velo_ale had Ethiopian food at Mesob, so while I'm waiting the extra 20 minutes to get home via public transportation today (thank you, Mariners fans, for making this possible!), I'll be able to get started on it.
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