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Pippity Boppety Boo

Boo's not using the catbox very well this week, and I expect it has something to do with Pippin swatting at her when she's inside the box - as I just cleaned it out, and then she didn't use it but used the bathroom rug instead (and the day after Pippin vomited copiously upon it, though it had been *very freshly cleaned* before Boo's visit). I'm a little worried about what I might find once I come home from our trip to the ocean.

Otherwise - the build's out and I'm blocked by certain fixes not being in there, and I'm bored, and I'm ready to leave! See you all Sunday night - full update and photos will follow. (In the meantime you can entertain yourself with the Oyster Cam or the Heron Cam, all available here.)
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