Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I want to hear about Manchester! (I'm guessing no one has been waiting for ME to update ...)

This morning started with a walk to the beach (after french toast and tea). A fine mist was coming down, and the spiderwebs in the bushes lining the beach approach were all coated with silvery pearls, practically begging for skating fairies to shake loose the dewdrops with their feet. Even though it was moist, for some reason it seemed warm enough that it wasn't a bother, just delightfully hydrating, and no distraction whatsoever to watching the breakers roll in in their constant, roiling roar.

Actually, pretty much each moment of the weekend that was beautiful and lovely was centered around the ocean. Yesterday we spent on the sandy shores of psychedelically-patterned Ledbetter State Park, watching snowy plovers rush forward three steps in the wet sand, peckpeckpeckpeckpeck, then rush forward three more steps. After we'd been sitting near the shore for a while they seemed happy enough to ignore us and go about their business from about a four foot distance, so that eventually we were surrounded by clusters of little birds running and then peckpeckpeckpeckpecking away. Friday we had the exquisite pleasure of a moonlight stroll on the sand. I'd forgotten that you can cast shadows by the light of the moon, but it was just that bright. I could see bubbles on the edge of the water and hear some confused birds flying off shore in the dark. The normally debilitating wind was reduced from blinding and frigid to balmy and fragrant; I could feel the orgone kicking up in the air. Mmmmm, ocean.

Last night I had two dreams about losing my house - one in which I never owned it and my mom sold it, one in which my husband had agreed to sell it to a friend. In both I was panicked about moving; in the second I was able to terminate the sale and was greatly relieved.

More updates (pinball and grammar jokes) tomorrow when I get my photos uploaded. I'm expecting a long day at work (sigh).
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