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Soap and cat pee

I forgot to mention that in addition to the pervasive smell of urine that greeted our return from Arizona, we also had to deal with the white poodle's new breath smell - eau de cat shit - and the other dog's strange new habit of licking White Dog's mough. Fer christ sake's, kids, you make me sick. Only today when I was trimming the white dog's face (and being bowled over by the fetid odor) I thought, my, what COULD be causing that stench? And lo, there was a chunk of string caught around her lower front teeth, reeking to high heavens and without doubt the source of the evil aroma.

I had the soap making class today, which was mostly fun EXCEPT I got to be in the one group that had three people instead of two, some bitch decided unilaterally to make MY group wait to use the scale to weigh the oil, meaning we 1) went last and 2) didn't have enough to go around, and the two old biddies I got stuck with were like 2/3 of the Marx brothers, only with just Harpo's brain to go around. I wound up getting some of the extremely caustic raw soap solution flicked onto my face during the mixing phase (OW!), and The Bitch "happened" to throw out my class packet upon which I had hand-copied soap recipes from one of the books our instructor brought to class.

Tonight we're off to the Seattle Center to see "A Bright Room Called Day" with my brother and his girlfriend. We played Puerto Rico with him and his friend Tom last night, and ended up the evening with about an hour long conversation about community that was inspired by a Joel On Software email I'd received. Apparently the messages on the Kansas University's basketball board concerning the war in Iraq are quite different from those I'm seeing posted on LJ. Amusingly enough, I got to watch my brother deal with the fact that since he's moved to Seattle, he's become ... a liberal. Oh, the humanity!

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