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Avoiding work for just a wee minute

ALERT: Big game party at my house tonight, 5 PM - 1 AM. I am hosting offically as a Seattle Cosmic event. Come by if you want to ... want to have your ass whupped!

Ah, Saturday. I now enter the joys of five hours of house cleaning, with a brief break for a re-roofing appraisal (homeownership: it's not just a hobby, it's a full time job ... and more!). Particular delights I anticipate include: three loads of laundry, washing the dog (an official Work Avoidance technique!), Mopping the Floor (aw Mom, do I have to?), and Putting away the Records (yes, actual LPs, including "Xanadu" and "Flower Drum Song"). Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Catholic Church is having their annual end of summer wing-ding, so I get to listen to International Pop crooned through my windows as I go about my business. (Ooh, but I might run down there and see what kind of food they have in the snack booths!) Then it's going to be eight hours of gaming madness ... we'll see how I survive.

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