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To read, to write, to do dishes and pick up dog poop - yes, it's Sunday

Spring is here early this year, thanks to the miracle of global warming. The forsythia behind the house has started blooming, and the plum tree is already starting to fade. My daffodils are kicking in, the pink hyacinths are out in full force, and I see two different kinds of tulips in the back yard (I think these must be super-earlies, although the real "earlies" are the species tulips I've got growing on the rock wall that aren't any bigger than the crocuses). Now if only the weather would get into the fifties I might want to do more than just admire these flowers through the kithen windows. Of course, that's part of why I planted where I did, because I can admire them from the confines of a warm room where I am obliged to spend time when I am at home ...

I picked up a bunch of good books in Albuquerque while I was there. Delany's Dhalgren, Earth Abides by George Stewart (both recommended by the clerk at the store),Moorcock's Knight of the Swords(book one of Corum, which I've dipped into sporadically), Dennis' Danvers Wilderness (described on the ocver as "sensuous and erotic... " so why not?), Rats and Gargoyles by Mary Gentle, Loise Cooper's The Initiate (she showed promise with her first series - Nemesis - but bored me with her too-obvious writing, so I hope this is more seasoned), and Wild Magic by Jo Clayton. The ones I'm most interested in reading are Two Crowns for America, an alternative history by Katherine Kurtz (go Freemasons!), and Skeen's Return by Jo Clayton, who I discovered when I picked up a book simply based on its hysterically cheesy new-wave cover art. I also got a book on Kabuki just because the shows I saw in Tokyo were so cool and I want to learn more about it. I also finished Modesitt's Of Tangible Ghosts (alternative history, ghosts are real, takes place in "now" America) and Severna Park's The Annunciate, which I picked up at either Fred Meyer's or Safeway or some other horrible store. Modesitt's book was absorbing, like the sequel I read earlier, but I got tangled up in some of his assumptions and spent a lot of time just following the character around from one unconnected event to another. I wonder I wouldn't have been so lost if I had understood his alternate history computerese better?

Annunciate started off with lesbian smut, kind of fun for SF, but actually went in directions I completely didn't expect, even though the whole "there's an alien lifeform in Cyberspace and s/he's coming to get you" predicament seemed obvious enough (I can't count how many "cyberpunk" novels tell exactly this same story again and again). But making the lead character a teenager with a very interesting mental makeup and making addiction to drugs such a major element of the novel worked very well, so even though I was able to put off picking it up for months at a time I think it mostly lived up to it's promise.

The play last night was very good. We went to late night happy hour at Dragonfish (too many damn art yuppies, should have made it real and gone to Chinatown instead) afterwards and had some in-depth conversation about the relevance of the rise of Hitler to the current state of America, then slowly descended into drunken jokes about our racist relatives and what a good time we're going to have at my brother's wedding watching all of the loose cannons going off. I'm planning on using the earlier conversation as the start of a long series of LJ entries, probably to start next week with my comparison of this moment in American history as a parallel to Peloponnesian Wars era-Greece prior to the Sicilian invasion.

Today I have chores, chores, chores to do, the exact kind of thing that I would have called my mother a white slaver for asking me to do when I was 15. With any luck, tonight we'll finally get to break in our (doubtlessly bootleg) Miyazaki eight-pack we bought off of Ebay and watch Castles in the Sky... after I make some kind of curry for dinner, of course.

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