Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Living la Vida Ciudad Emeralda

This evening was the perfect Vida Seattle night.

I started it by overworking myself at my high tech job, then meeting shadowdaddy (and Shadow, in the car) at the bus stop at around 7:15 (since the baseball team is performing so poorly, traffic on game days has really improved, so it was a quick commute). We headed over to the Saigon Deli for $2 spicy pork Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi). Then we went to Myrtle Edwards park and took a long walk along the waterfront as the sun set. It was lovely to watch the water turn pink, then silver, then purple, and I was entranced by the bobbing heads of the bull kelp. We talkedandtalkedandtalked, mostly about the people I'd talked to or emailed today, since God knows nothing interesting happened to either of us at work (other than having my coworker pick me up Emerald Curry for lunch, and getting the build five hours late - but wait, I said interesting). It was great to be outside and moving after so long at my desk.

Just as the cargo ships' lights were starting to stand out better than the edges of the Olympics, we hightailed it back to the car and then over to the U-District, where I picked up an Almond milk bubble tea and went to the ever-lovely Grand Illusion to see the movie Time of the Wolf. It was exactly the kind of movie that would only ever show at the Grand Illusion, and that I would only watch in a theater: a very uncommercial story done in a raw style. Truth be told, I felt a little like Prometheus by about halfway in - I could definitely feel the eagles chewing on my liver. But I think it was a very good film, if brutal pretty much all the way through. It left shadowdaddy speechless for some time afterwards. And to think we turned down Harry Potter to see it! (I told this to the projectionist and got quite a good laugh.)

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