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A moment of shallowness

A couple of weeks ago I read this article about lipstick in the Seattle PI. Apparently, there are all of these new kinds that are really supposed to not come off - even when drinking coffee. So finally I got some of these wonder shades last night - Walgreens had 'em at two for one, and I had a dollar off coupon to boot. Of course, you can't SCRAPE the stuff off once you've applied it (yes, I put it on while we were still in the car, and it stayed where I put it even after I tried witch hazel, Estee Lauder Eye Care, and Noxema in my efforts to remove it), but whatever, this morning my tea cup is delightfully clean of red goo and I think I may have finally found a lipstick I can live with - provided Worthy Opponent doesn't think that it smells funny.

UPDATE! The photos are up of the Screen Actors Guild awards. Good God, look at that Halle Berry! It makes me wonder what I could do to look that hot, only I have to remind myself that my job is testing software, and Halle's job is Looking Hot, and she spends all day getting paid to do it.

Later And you know what? That lipstick stayed on right well up through dinner. I'm impressed.

Once again with the cultural backwater thing: doesn't this opera look like it could have been designed by the people who did The Fifth Element?

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