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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Good morning, good morning, good ... No I Didn't Make That Charge

This week is threatening to burn me out. In Sunday for four hours, Monday 'til 8, yesterday 'til 7 ... I'm feeling overworked. What happened to the old me of the Dot Com days? This is doubtlessly why I'm not in at work yet. Good thing we have flexible hours.

Last night's shadowdaddy birthday party seemed to go quite well. There were LJ and non-LJ guests alike at the drinking part of the event - Andrew and Lisa from Theater Simple, the ever-lovely motomotoyama and insearchofangst, Nick (author of the phrase "Saint James of the Codpiece"), StefMyOldFriendFromPhoenix, aikidogirl (formerly known as The World's Best Boss), and Cathy ("she who is holding out on getting an LJ account"). Stef is gearing up to do the Santiago de Compostela pilgramage - leaving Sunday - and I'm very jealous. For dinner at the House of Hong, we were accompanied by about half of the previous guest, with holes filled in by ookla and fruity_goodness, and vulture23 and jadine (who I introduced by her LJ moniker, gotta not do that next time). It was nice to see so many folks, and we decided to go Chinese Hospitality Style and make it on us - it was just too silly to make our friends pay for the privilege of eating with us and felt somehow counter-to-the-party-host-aesthetic. Of course today I got a call from the credit card company first thing in the morning, and it turns out the House of Hong bill was the last valid charge on our card ... someone decided to go buy some coins on the internet with our card number! Blast them.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about heading out to a tack shop over lunch today to buy the riding boots I promised myself for this fall. I feel like I could get a lot of use out of them - and, god, I've wanted a pair since I was, what, fourteen? Time to make those childhood dreams come to life! (And get my ass out the door ... I think the commute has become reasonable now.)

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