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From the pits of the water retention pit

Coworker E. and I had quite a laugh on our way into work today as we passed by the water storage pit next to our bus stop (a major park and ride stop known as "Eastgate," though near no known gate and east of nothing). It's been created as a kind of artwork, with odd, futuristic lighting structures rising from it. However, something about the drainage or circulation of the pit is really off, as it is contantly filled with green slime. Thus, instead of looking futuristic, it looks menacing (or just gross).

Thanks to the tons of rain we've received in the last three days, the pit is now quite full, which serves to disperse the slime more widely across the surface of the stagnant water. I said it looked like the home for the Creature of the Black Lagoon, but E. one upped me as he suggested the Beast of Eastgate. Suddenly we were describing a short movie (a la "Bubba Hotep") in which unsuspecting commuters are pulled to their deaths in the bubbly pool.

"Has anyone seen Janice?"
"She was just waiting to catch the 554 back to Seattle ..."
(Cut to bubbles coming up from within the pit.)

I voted that the monster be aquatic and human-esque, E. wanted a flesh eating bacteria. We both envisioned an apocalyptic final scene, as the Saviors of Mankind attempted to sneak up to the pit and install an appropriate drainage system. As they slowly lower the hose into the pool ...

"You suck on it!"
"No f**ing way! You suck on it!"
"Dude, I'll just let that magic thing called gravity do the work for me ..."
(A Roto-Rooter truck then pulls up, saving the day ...)

Yeah, anyway, looking forward to a busy day at work for me, then a movie tonight, class tomorrow afternoon, and somehow work over the weekend ... most likely Sunday. I have got to sign up for personal Pilates lessons as I am NEVER going to get any classes in with this stupid schedule I'm keeping!

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