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I can't help it, it's making me laugh! Star Wars jokes

Star Wars humor ... well, if you're a geek, it's funny, otherwise it's a late afternoon lite news story that I've edited them a bit.

1. Kershner said ... "Yoda ... has a basic philosophy that is ... (n)ot very profound, although young people consider it profound. I wish they would read more."

2. Studio executives in the 1970s worried that Chewbacca was indecent because all he wore was a strap of ammunition across his chest. "I remember the memos from 20th Century Fox," Hamill said. "`Can you put a pair of lederhosen on the Wookie?'... They did sketches of him in culottes and baggy shorts."

3. "I do remember permanently the hologram speech, because we had to reshoot it," said Carrie Fisher, " `General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars ...' It's very disturbing. I have to take medication, and yet it still won't go away."

4. Fisher said she liked being a doll, but found some of the Princess Leia merchandise slightly unnerving. "I always liked the shampoo bottle where you twist my head off and pour liquid out of my neck. That's very Freudian," she said. "If I dreamed that, what would you think it meant?"

5. "How can you be so serious on a film where you are dodging explosions and running away with Sir Alec Guinness on this side and an eight-foot monkey on this side, and the eight-foot monkey is the one flying the spaceship?"

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