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I think that Butoh is a better option that Siouxsie

Last night at the Lyon Opera Ballet performance, I started picking through my Pretty Purse, and found a season brochure for On The Boards that reminded me that Akira Kasai is performing there this weekend. With my current schedule, the only time I can go is on Sunday. This is the one thing that OTB is doing this year that I most want to see, so it just has to happen, and it's extra good because ookla and fruity_goodness want to go, too, and since they'll have just tied the knot we should support them in their desire to see bizarre art, right?

So be it. There are no Siouxsie tickets, and I am friggin' dying to see some good Butoh, which, as near as I can tell, means it's got to be some Japanese import stuff because the locals are NOT inspiring me when they dance. I figure it will all be over around 9:30, so I can still go out afterward (motomotoyama and butterbee, this means you). Of course, there is some question as to whether or not I should go to the Grind tonight, which would depend on whether or not butterbee is planning on going. I guess we'll see.

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