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This must be an all-powerful vitamin deficiency

Apparently even though I was complaining last night about how class two nights a week sucks up all of my free time (to the detriment of my movie watching and gaming), apparently that's not enough, because I've signed up for Pilates on Monday nights at 7. shadowdaddy and I will be working side by side on the reformers at the Pilates Body Fitness studio on 12th and Pine (about a mile away from our house), and I've got to say I'm kind of excited. Some of this was motivated by seeing myself in the changing room on Saturday and thinking, "I have got to develop some muscle tone!", but I also have been wanting to get more exercise for a while. So I guess for now it's movies or gaming on Wednesday or Tuff Nuts.

Er - yeah, so it's Wednesday, and we'll be seeing the 8:45 movie ("Last Life in the Universe," winning out over "Incident at Loch Ness" and "Before Sunset") at the Grand Illusion (after dinner with Nina). Think maybe I'll go pimp it over at seattle ...
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