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Overcast and lazy, forecast calls for dishes

Sunday afternoon, in short, almost exactly the same scenario as yesterday, except I'm full of french toast, the sink is full of dishes, and I'm planning on going to the free pilates class at Mind and Body at 3:30. We'll be indulgent and walk over. Maybe we'll see some cute blooming flowers on the way over!

The recorder quartet was as I expected last night - all too relaxing, although the tousled blond guy was pretty hot. shadowdaddy said the four of them looked like a new wave band, and I suggested they could have been the Tubes (ha ha). Afterwards we went to 611 Supreme for crepes with dagmar_b, which was pleasant. All in all, I think the highlight of the evening wasn't even the three games I won on one round of Space Mission at Funland: it was the walk to and from, on a mild, rain-free night.
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