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Morpheus, Interests

I was up too late last night, and wound up hitting the sack about an hour after I should have (I figure there was a fatal combination of bubble-tea caffeine and gaming excitement to blame for this, but I was more awake at 11 PM than I was yesterday at 11 AM - or 2 PM, or 4 PM). The Sandman was kind to me, though, and left me hanging for not very long; however, he withdrew his blessings promptly at first bell instead of second, so I lost another 20 minutes of sleep this AM. This should make for an interesting, ass-dragging kind of day at work. Yuck.

My attempts to tailor my interests list to NOT reflect common choices has apparently paid off in spades ...

How common are webcowgirl's interests
singing (195957)
writing (351052)
ballet (18977)
gardening (15588)
italy (18688)
japan (40926)
mexican food (14100)
neil gaiman (18587)
science fiction (32066)
tea (37189)
theater (25795)
travelling (22840)
burlesque (3352)
cabaret (4004)
card games (4684)
euchre (1628)
irony (7376)
kayaking (6790)
miyazaki (1823)
parrots (1833)
pinball (1913)
poodles (1278)
puerto rico (2023)
socialism (7395)
strategy games (1239)
symbolism (2918)
tulips (3862)
acting on impulse (55)
beachcombing (125)
carcasonne (11)
chicago the musical (563)
darjeeling tea (78)
dawn dolls (13)
early music (526)
good games (16)
hermaphrodites (333)
jordi savall (21)
kawabata (43)
kurosawa (742)
marais (15)
masala dosa (18)
men in corsets (12)
naked bisexual oil wrestling (29)
oolong tea (192)
pinochle (163)
pony boys (17)
settlers of catan (563)
swimming in the ocean (250)
talking smack (107)
tentacle monsters (29)
the pantheon (26)
xanadu (439)
china keemun (1)
dalmuti (7)
formosa oolong (3)
il palio (3)
kissing shadowdaddy (1)
kokigami (1)
kuruma ningyo (1)
paul crowley ranting (6)
seattle cacophony society (1)
weird board games (4)
wraethu (9)
yoshitoshi tsukioka (4)

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