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Almost like going out to lunch

I left the building during work today and actually drove off site. Wow! Of course, I did it because it was vital that I get my check deposited in Washington Mutual before closing time today. I got caught up at the Fred Meyers, though, mostly because I had a grocery list in my pocket. Last night's Squash and Prune Chicken stew was suffering from a lack of prunes, not to mention tomatoes. However, I think the lack of chicken was more than compensated for by the presence of half a turkey.

I have no desire to do anything today, yet here I am, and I was planning on working late to make up for the hours I'm going to miss while I'm at my interview Wednesday. There's another neighborhood meeting tonight I'd like to attend, if only I could send my body double instead of having to show up myself.

My forearms and back are sore from the pilates class (but sore in a good way, not like I threw anything out of whack). I really need to go more often.
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