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Oh goddess Slackerina, how I adore thee. Let me offer you a spot on the couch and a cup of tea.

This very moment outwardly appears a whole lot like this exact time yesterday. Witness: I am sitting in front of an LJ screen on my computer with a cup of tea beside me. Except today I'm at home, in my jammies, and shadowdaddy is laying on the couch with a blanket wrapped around him and I've also just made him a cup of tea (China Keemun, how is it that no other person in LJ land shares that interest?).

I guess I'll go into work today, although I don't really want to. At least thanks to my slackeriness I have finally had enough sleep one morning this week. If I can just install C# on my machine at work and close out one bug it will be enough of an accomplishment for the day. Then I can get on to the true work of my day, and of my existence, which is Enjoying Life.

Speaking of which, we're going to see "HP Lovecraft's Triptych of Terror!" at the Open Circle theater tonight, so if seeing a play involving zombies or giant squid taking over the world would rock your boat, please consider yourself invited.

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