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I need to remember this, part two

Got a fun phone call from runningnekkid last night promising me "all the gossip from Lameville" that was so distracting I completely forgot that I was supposed to be at work at 8 AM ... until it was my normal time to hit the sack, which means I 1) was late for my stupid C# class today 2) didn't actually study for Japanese (was going to use sleep time for that) 3) am feeling tired and slow today, meaning I got little out of my morning class and will get little out of my night class.

The good news is that work is stunningly busy today so the time is flying by (finally got C# installed, only took an hour), but I could use some free time (were it available) to study for my test tonight. Other good news is that my dog is at work with me (but in the car), so I'm going to have a particularly relaxing lunch taking him for a walk (on the Grassy Knoll behind my office .... I will toss the tennis ball and he will runrunrun down the hill to get it). Oh yes, and I thought I had a test on Thursday, too, but it turns out it's in another week. Yay. (I think. My eyes are kind of crossed today so I may have read my calendar wrong.)
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