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Crosseyed yet thankfully not hung over

Yes I am just now getting out of bed, and I am reminded of why I have stayed away from chatting. Takes too damn long! Kept me up late last night! (That is, after I got back from the party at 2 AM or whenever it was.)

Behold, the glorious sun is shining, and I have slept through half of a lovely day. The house is a complete disaster. Clearly, it is in the cards for me to spend the day working on my garden. I've got 800 bulbs to plant, baby, and this is no time to get nostalgic about such niceties as "having a place to sit on the couch." It would, however, have been a nice day to do the Chuckanut drive with my brother ... don't think that's going to happen now.

I am also a complete fucking geek as I just discovered not one, not two, but FOUR teas hiding in the cabinet over my stove and I just for a brief second wanted to cry. I was just feeling extremely sad as I threw out the bag of Murchie's China Keemun I'd polished off yesterday morning; the third big bag of tea I'd wiped out this week. Now I am saved, for there is some Extra Choice Keemun and some Darjeelings (Rohini, Avongrove, and Badamtam, this last one a first flush).

Man, I'm grateful the ballet got cancelled. There is just too damn much going on today! Still wish I could hang out with miss_bordeaux this afternoon.

And, hey, if you want to TALK to me, can you let me know so I can CALL you? I'm keeping off the computer for the rest of this weekend, and if anyone wants to talk to me I want to do it in real time and not at my frigging typing speed. Just lemme know ... I will check my email and my LJ sporadically.

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