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Recap of weekend #1

I'm fresh back from the Goodwill, where I went in hopes of finding some long, plaid-type skirt to wear on the plane on my trip. Alas, the thrift shopping faeries were not on my side today, and I return empty handed.

I had a busy, busy weekend, much of which was sucked up at work on Saturday, and it seems like I didn't get enough sleep either night (and not today either, damnit). Yesterday turned out much better than I'd expected: I spent nearly the whole day with envoy, showing him the many wonders of Capitol Hill/Broadway. We started at Glo's (note: avoid stuffed French toast), scuffing through the leaves on Bellevue Avenue up to Mercer, then up to Broadway proper for stops at Dilettante (pot of tea for me, chocolate for his sweeties, and a truffle for me), The Metro (clothes for trip?), that new store upstairs at the Alley (gloves to go with new dress?), Twice Sold Tales (bought five books), etc, down behind the reservoir (scuff, scuff!) in the lovely autumnal misty sun to Pike and Pine, stop at Vitta (Morning Glory Chai!), then back to the car. The upshot of all this is that I can realllly feel the muscles on top of my thighs today. We hit my house for a brief email shot, then went to the Frye (for the Tablet article I need to wrap up tonight) and finally sunset from the viewpoint at the market. It was all just inexpressibly lovely and I was very much feeling happy about Seattle. envoy is, of course, moving to England, drawn by the same candle that pulls me, and we talked about that (and a million other things) puh-lenty during the day.

I was saved from a too-quiet evening by a dinner invite in Redmond, which I went to after feeding my brother's cats, then immediately dashed off to pick shadowdaddy up at the airport. I wound up yack yack yacking with him too ... surprising that my jaw muscles aren't sore today!
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