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Always look on the bright side of life

So many bad things have been running through my head, but I'm pleased that I can restrain myself and focus on the shallow for now. It's how humans have always survived, I think. The lion takes a zebra, then everybody gets back to grazing.

I got an email from the company I interviewed with Wednesday asking for references. Hot damn, Clark! Sounds like I made the short list. That will make it easy to focus on the boring work I have to do today! Of course, I should just be grateful that I'm not dying of desperation to get this job because either 1) I am going bankrupt (see Fall, 2001) or 2) I am about to combust from the stress of my evil job (see Summer, 2001).

The Pilates class yesterday was very good for me, moving the tension between my shoulderblades from diamond-like to talc-ish. I have a rather delightful soreness in my hamstrings today but a weird squidginess in my right knee. I think that an hour spent contorting myself has got to be good for making me forget about the things that are bothering me.

I continued my escapism with about two hours of gaming last night with Worthy Opponent. We played Carcasonne (I won once, he won once using his control-all-farms strategy); then we played Hunters and Gatherers (aka Carcasonne BC) which Worthy O won through the damned good luck of getting the "sacred temple" tile after I had placed the "burning forest/tiger, tiger" tile in a field that was just full of game. It was a thirty point rout, but a good time. I would have liked to have gone to Karaoke with the karaokeposse, but I thought getting a little more sleep would be the way to go, since I tend to overdo it during the week.

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