Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Slacky Streatham Sunday

Today everyone was just feeling lazy and slow, and I took advantage of a wonderful opportunity to Do Just Nothing. I got up late, I drank tea, I took a bath (with my teacup on the edge of the tub), I went downstairs and ate some breakfasty food with the guys. The sun was shining again (a conspiracy I'm sure to keep me from getting my needed eight hours), and I felt obliged to go out and walk in it. lilithmagna was my semi-willing victim/babysitter for this Trip Into the Great Unknown, and she dragged me to the Common for a stroll amongst the greenery. Most of the gardens were in an absolute state of autumnal blow, but it was great anyway and I got to meet lots of nice dogs (including a ... harrier? plunger? beater? - something grey and otter-hound looking with wiry fur, a real sweetie). My peak energy expenditure was just enough to get me to a well-situated bench which had not just a view of Wimbledon, but an ironic display of stunningly bad tennis being played in the courts at the bottom of the field.

We caught up with ciphergoth at the Safeway, where lilithmagna correctly identified the laughter originating from the front of the soda display as being caused by some dandelion and burdock root soda (it even comes in diet). I bought the ingredients for my vegan spinach and potato curry and ciphergoth, who like me was on the verge of starvation, bought some tortellini and a container of alfredo sauce. He whipped it up quite quickly once we got home, then I actually laid down for a nap. Once spikeylady got back home, I started in on the curry and dal (lilithmagna kindly taking over the rice), and only about an hour and 15 minutes later, it was done! Everyone seemed most appreciative even though I was missing some of the spices I would have normally used, but given the rather small amount left in the pan I think it was well received. My extra special dessert was getting a phone call from shadowdaddy - glad he still remembers me! All in all it was a pleasant day, and I really enjoyed being somewhere with so very little to do and people who are so very fun to slack off with - I needed it!
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