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I have jet lag still

I am crazy to think that I can go out dancing tonight. This will not be happening. Tomorrow, however, I will be going to see the marionette version of the Threepenny Opera that Monkeywrench Puppets is presenting at the Rendezvous Lounge. It's the last weekend and I have to go! Speak up if you want to join us. Afterwards I'm going to put on my shiny clothes and head out to the Vogue and visit with miss_bordeaux and dark_angel69.

Must remember to call my aunt about some family matters. I always put these things off because I don't like to deal with them.

Dinner with butterbee last night was perfect. She was absolutely the first person I wanted to see after a day of decompression. I should be able to slowly start expanding my peopleage from 1 to 2 to 4 and then all the way up to 16 or so by Saturday when the big game night party happens.
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