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Quite a day at work (anticipated)

Today I have the biggest presentation I'll have made in the second half of this year, the bookend to the one I did back in March that was, I felt at the time, critical for establishing my reputation/competence level at my company (no pressure there!). This one will be much less stressful, as it's more of a "here's what I did" recap for my peers, but still, I was working on it last night at midnight ("demo this!" "add this!" "cut this!") and I've got a lot of things to get done this morning to try to make sure it goes off well. I do actually take a lot of pride in my work and I very much want to look good in front of my peers.

The good news is that afterwards my day will consist of attending someone else's one hour meeting, then going off-site and wasting my time 1) eating lunch with my team on the company's nickle and 2) seeing The Incredibles. So while I'm a little nervous about the first part of the day (I am up damned early), I think, overall, it will be a very pleasant day.

Oh, except I am SOOOOO tired right now .... eccchhh
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