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Halfpenny opera and fairly good night at the Vogue

My re-entry into Seattle life went quite well last night. The Halfpenny Opera was a mish-mash - there was a bit of a story, but there were too many spots where the actions on stage were not moving forward the narrative. I found myself somewhat bored. And while I understand they had a budget, I would have preferred more puppetry overall - the actors were fine but if they'd billed it as an acted show I would have skipped it.The best part of the puppet show, not unexpectedly, was the company I kept for the show - my now mutually declared best friend butterbee, shadowdaddy, and the birthday-celebrating darkmane ("Such a surprise to see you!") and m_cobweb, looking lovely as always (maybe just a little extra sparkly last night, though).

Afterwards we picked up Mr. butterbee downtown and headed back to our place for a quick change into my new Tonya Winter dress, then went to the Vogue to meet up with dark_angel69 and miss_bordeaux. miss_bordeaux seemed very happy to see me and immediately started work on getting me liquored up (on top of the two strong drinks I'd had earlier). Most of the night was spent running back and forth between folks, with only a little bit of dancing, but they played a motorcycle set from the 80s ("Harley Baby, Son of a Bitch," "Me and my Motorcycle," etc) that had me thinking of going to Out of Water back in Tempe with my best friend Mary from my college days - and I danced up a storm while it lasted. Eventually both groups of friends coalesced - not a suprise as the three boys all had plenty of geek talk to get out of their systems (games and Linux and Defcon, oh my!) and I did think they would enjoy each other's company.

Somehow we closed out the bar, which I swear never happens, and we were even too late to run by Dick's to get a nibble before we dropped the now very drunk Mr. butterbee and girlie back home. My! This all leads to this morning, in which I slept until NOON and am still, at one o'clock, sitting in my jammies in front of the computer while shadowdaddy naps on the couch. It's a lovely sunny day and I'm sure I'm going to be very productive ... eventually. I think I hear a chicken fried steak calling me from Broadway just right now ...
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