Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I continue my slow slide into old lady hood

Yes, I spent precious daylight hours gardening today, prancing about (inasmuch as a Clydesdale can prance) in my gardening clogs and the one pair of actually blue jeans that I own, playing with worms and getting worked up about not being able to properly label my dahlias as I pulled them up and dropped them into a container for their long winter's nap. This is decidedly one of the things that makes me laugh and say, "I am not goth!" Yes, I garden and I am obsessed with tulips and get giddy about inventing new strategies to counteract those thieving squirrels. Give me a dibble and a pair of rubber gloves and I am truly a Happy Girl.

Gardening is, of course, a very *ahem* grounding activity, and it was extra pleasant today as shadowdaddy was able to be outside working with me, hacking down branches of the damned laurels while the earth beneath them was still unturned. Despite having over 800 bulbs, I'm convinced I'm short, even though I've got at least six more hours of digging, amending, planting, and mulching before I've made it through this lot. Once it's all done I'm going to be a complete freak again and make patterns on the loam with seashells I collected this summer; for some reason I find it very pleasant to see their wiggly lines against the black dirt when I'm in the kitchen doing dishes and peeping at the Cold Cold World through the window over the sink.

Today will surely be memorable for marking the discovery of Our New Place for Dim Sum, which henceforth will be Jade Garden. We met Mr. and Mrs. angelsong (your first hit's free, Eric!) at this restaurant, and it was the miracle of many of manys as the little carts just kept on rolling by. Curse them for seating us in the stinking back room where we were far from the action, but we had no shortage of dishes to choose from (even given that angelsong wanted no pork and I wanted no shrimp). Things got even better when butterflake showed up, fresh from filling our car with goodies to take to the Goodwill, and proceeded to basically be the charming and fun person she is - with total strangers! I did my damnedest to try to convince her to come by our place for Thanksgiving dessert (and games!), so we'll see if I was successful and we have a few more folks to join in the fun.

Okay, now I'm off to jaquelea's for some card games ... let the whuppin' begin!
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